Every BODY

We get it

Working out at the gym sucks. Being out of shape sucks. Not feeling confident really sucks. 

Isn't it time you had a workout that you loved that finally gave you the results you've been looking for?

A workout that empowered you to be strong, sexy, and self-confident?

It's time for Vertica Fintess.

This is the turning point. Your life will never be the same. 

The Three Methods

At Vertica Fitness there are three ways we help you to go VERTICAL.

Vertica Fit

Love your body for the way it looks.

Conditioning classes done on a pole. Using gravity and your body weight, you will challenge your muscles in ways you have never done before. The growth in your endurance, physique, flexibility, and over fitness level will be exponential. 
Vertica Fit transforms you into the best shape of your life. 

Vertica Flirt

Love your body for the way it feels.

Pole dance classes that enable you to let loose, feel sexy, and reclaim you passion. These classes range from high cardio dance party to sultry movement low flow choreography. 
Vertica Flirt leaves you feeling beautiful in the skin you're in. 

Vertica Fly

Love your body for what it can do!

Leveled pole classes that go from the very basics of spins and climbs all the way to unbelievable, gravity-defying flips, twists, and hold. You'll safely be instructed in our award winning program that turns average people into aerialists. (It's so legit, we're going to the Olympics!)
Vertica Fly will give you wings. 

The secret ingedient

What makes all this come together and work?

The Vertica Fitness Manifesto:

Every body is beautiful.
Every body belongs.
Every body can go vertical

It ensures that our environment is always 100% safe, inclusive, and condusive to growth. 

Read the full Manifesto here

The Purpose

When you learn to love yourself you realize your true potential. This potential will translate to every area of your life. You will become confident, fierce, and unstoppable.  There won't be anything you can't do, have, or achieve. You'll break through all your upper limits as you realize what it is like to live a Vertical Life.

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