Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need upper body strength to take classes?

Don't worry!  You do not need any upper body strength to be able to take our intro classes. Then as you come to class, you will get stronger. 

Should I lose weight before I take my first class?

No! Just like you wouldn't say, "I need to lose weight in order to go to the gym" you don't need to lose weight to take a class. This is a fitness program and EVERY BODY is welcome. We will help you to find options that are best for you as you progress along your journey.

What class should I take first?

If you are new to vertical fitness, you should take Pole 101. This class is for first time beginners and will walk you through how to move with the pole. 

What should I wear to class?

Short spandex shorts, tank top and sports bra, no lotion or jewelry. Bring a water bottle. 

I have a membership but I can't sign up. What's going on?

You probably need to verify your email address. Here is an article that shows how:

If that still doesn't work you may have duplicate accounts. Contact us and we would love to help you get it squared away.