v90 Challenge

I gained 75 pounds with my pregnancy and then didn't lose it for 3.5 years. One day I decided to take action. I made a goal and I stuck to it.

These are my results in 90 days. 

Now I've turned this process into a program that can help anyone achieve any goal- through 90 days of dedication, motivation and direction.

This program is perfect for you if you are just starting pole and want some support as you build the muscle (physical and mental) to learn to climb  and go upside down.

You can do this even if you don't pole and just want some support as you work to unlock your highest potential.

Join the v90 Challenge

Ready for a serious uplevel in every area of your life? 

Do our v90 challenge to help you achieve your highest potential both on and off the pole.

What v90 isn't:
a weight loss challenge
a diet plan
just for people who pole
just for people who enroll in Vertica

What v90 is:
a way to JUMP START your reality into the next phase of your life
a perfect support system for those who are just starting pole
a way to get massive results in your physical, mental, and emotional health

Challenge includes access to the VFITMAX workout program, the vFuel Plan (we reject diet culture), and the Vertica Fly Course.

This challenge is offered online through our Vertica Circle app. Anyone from anywhere can join.

It's free! 

We are serious about impacting the world vertically. So join our challenge and let the possibilities rise!

Challenge includes:


Simple tasks anyone can do to support your physical, emotional and mental health. But don't be fooled. These simple tasks will change your life. 

Live Calls

Once a month we gather on zoom for a live coaching call. 

Accountability Group

Everything is better once you've found your tribe. This group will support, encourage and uplift you every step of the way. 

Professional Options

If you want, you can choose some of our professionally developed options for your movement and fuel plans. 

Access to the V-Founder

By participating in the v90 Challenge, you get direct access to Katrina!

Daily Motivation

Tools, tips and tricks supplied to you daily to keep you on track.

New round starts the first of each month.

Sign up now!