Finally a place where every body belongs online!

We've got our very own Network

No more shadow banning, flagging or social media jail. We've created our very own place where we can connect, share our passions and truly be free.

There is no charge to join the Vertica Circle Network. So join us online today. 

What you'll find on the Vertica Circle Network

Our Main Circle

Every Body is welcome here. Members and Non-members. Any where in the world.
Post and connect. 

Vertica Groups

We've got public and private groups to help you connect. Popular groups include:
*Vertica After Dark (Bring the SeXy).
*Location Based Groups (connect with people in your area)
*Vertica Market (post your stuff to sell)

Vertica Courses

Both free and paid courses. Find information on specific topics, join challenges and get amazing tools. 
*v90 Challenge (create massive momentum in 90 days)
*VFitMax (get fit at home)
*Going Vertical (the Vertica Mindset Course)

Vertica Fly Courses

We've moved our leveled checklists online into the Vertica Fly Course. Now you can have access to your checklist no matter where you are and mark your progress as you go!

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