The Vertica Fitness Manifesto

We aren't just here to pole dance, we're here to change the world. 
We believe in big things and have a vision for where we are taking this community. When people sign up for our programs, it's because they identitfy with our values. 

Every Body Belongs

We celebrate our differences.
We believe the world should be a safe place for all people, regardless of their race, gender, orientation, age, abilities. 

Every Body is Beautiful 

Each person is born with their own unique beauty. 
You do not have to validate your existense by meeting some societal notions about how people should look. Our bodies go through changes and that's fine and normal. You do not have to explain in. 
Cellulite, stretch marks, mom/dad bods are welcome. Come a you are. There is no need to hide.
Your worth is not based on you weight. 
Your body is beautiful exactly as it it. 

Every Body can go Vertical!

Every body has unlimited potential. We believe in working hard, having fun, and always striving to be our best. We see things not just as they are, but how they can and should be. We help close the gap between where the world is and where we want it to be. We do that through empowering people to dream big, give it all they've got, and break through those glass ceilings.

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