We believe in continual growth. And we've got a plan for it.

Vertica Classes

This is our studio program that consists of all of our pole classes including vertica Fit, Vertica Flirt, and Vertica Fly. 
We have beginning, intermediate, and advanced classes in tons of different areas. You'll constantly be challenged and constantly be growing on your path to becoming an aerial athlete. 

Team Vertica

There may be a time when you want to showcase all your skills on stage either through performances or competitions. We specialize in helping our athletes excel on stage and have the certifications, training, and experience to help make any students dreams of performing/competing come true. 

Vertica Pro

You're committed to pole and want to make this your life mission.

*Vertica Ambassador (earn money for promoting)

*Vertica Instuctors (become a certified instructor to help share your passion and knowledge within the studio)

*Vertica Franchisees
(play a major role in bringing the vertica revolution to the world)